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Castle Hill

Castle Hill

Nestled between Vozdvyzhenka (Podil) on one side with views of the Dnipro and magical Kyiv on the other, Castle Hill is a great place to take photos. Not only is it beautiful but it also has a very interesting history. It is said that before the construction of Kyiv, the residence of Prince Kyi was located on Castle Hill. Later, a Lithuanian prince’s castle stood on the mountain, which was eventually passed from one invader to the next, burned and rebuilt. At the beginning of the 19th century the mountain was given to the Florovsky monastery and a cemetery for the inhabitants of Podil was created. In the postwar period, the mountain did not belong to anyone, although the monastery tried to take it under its care. Today it belongs to the city.

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How to get there: from Andriivsky Uzviv, there are stairs that lead directly to the hill.


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