Looking for amazing miso, sumptuous soba, and of course the most ubiquitous of Japanese cuisine – sushi? These venues found right here in the Ukrainian capital will get your mouth […]

Charles Baker takes the idea of a cocktail quest to a whole new level If you were ever unsure that Kyiv is a place for adventure, you can quell those […]

Google Hamon and you’ll be introduced to Lord of Striking Thunder, and other references to all things Japanese anime. Add “guys” to the end of that, and you’ll be redirected […]

Born in Azerbaijan, Marat Osypov always dreamed of owning an eastern-style venue: something like a hookah lounge, a place for parties, that would serve pilaf as delicious as his mother’s. […]

It’s all your favourite treats – except their nicer, better-looking cousins. Tucked away in Podil, Kyiv’s historic neighbourhood, lies the “Gluten- Free Niche”. It’s one of the few places in Kyiv where […]

The weekend is here and that means the line between breakfast and lunch is blurred. Find the brunch style that suits you! The Classy Brunch  You don’t have to be […]

In the freezing cold winter, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and eating your favourite comfort food. But since Kyiv isn’t exactly getting typical winter temperatures, we’ll have to […]

Ever since I rewatched Baby Driver over the holidays, I’ve been dreaming of a traditional American-style meal; this month, my dream turns reality when I get the chance to visit Kyiv’s cosiest […]

During winters like this one, with the drizzle in your face and the puddles under your feet, all you really want is to feel welcome somewhere. Tel Aviv-themed restaurant Adelle […]

Snooze your alarms after the New Year party as many times as you want. We’ve collected the best spots for your midday treat. Bon appétit! Brunch, or as some might […]

While the first snow is falling, I am warming up around the fireplace at Baklazhan, a restaurant belonging to the well-known Tarantino Family chain. Serving up Middle Eastern cuisine, their menu features […]

Contrabando – a venue described as “food and wine”. But, on the contrary, is much more.    Set in central Kyiv, a stone’s throw from Shevchenko Park, Contrabando has only […]

Kama tries to take gastronomic pleasure to a new level. Do they succeed? From the top of the Riviera House, despite the persistent fog maintaining an eerie yet consoling blanket […]

The Kyiv Food Market, a new foodie Mecca, has opened at Arsenalna to boost a sleepy neighbourhood in the heart of the capital. Does it do the job?  We trekked […]

Over the past few decades, Japan has made an immense cultural contributions to Europe and the world, and Ukraine is no exception. As well as revolutionising the IT and automotive […]

When you live in Ukraine you get to see it all – the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. THIS INCLUDES new restaurants, which are always like a game […]

Podil is a dining hotspot. With no exceptional cooking talents of my own, I find myself at times in the mood to live through these “gourmet experiences” that go beyond […]