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It’s Shooting Season and We’re Hunting for Awe-Inspiring Selfies!

It’s Shooting Season and We’re Hunting for Awe-Inspiring Selfies!

Digital self-portraits are what rule social media and the hunger for getting that astounding photo with a phenomenal background is immense. This National Selfie Day, What’s On has your selfie game under control. We got our selection of exciting places in Kyiv to get the perfect shot.

1) Kyoto Park
This park represents a glimpse of aesthetically-pleasing Japanese culture. It features a rock garden, cherry blossoms and even a miniature stone pagoda. Seems like a promise choice for the perfect selfie background.

Photos by Iamsknkwrks and Elinabylinkina 

2) Kyiv in Miniature 
Have you ever wanted to feel like a real-life Godzilla or King Kong? Kyiv in Miniature can make this dream come true (except for the crushing buildings parts, that’s not recommended). Here you can become a giant to whom Saint Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gates and Khrechatyk are mere toys. A great place to manipulate perspective and have viewers wondering how you possibly took that photo.

Photos by Ludmilakochetkovva and Yuliana Mays 

3) Jellyfish Museum
How did the Jellyfish Museum make this list? To put it simply, the variety of colours that jellyfish create transforms this place into a sci-fi neon city like in Blade Runner. Also, there are some funky statues and glorious heart-shaped aquariums that are perfect if you’re looking for something different.

Photos by Kasmeks and Royal Union 

4) Klitschko Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge
This bridge has an incredible panorama and you are sure to get an amazing shot with far-away bridges, the wide Dnypro and countless rows of buildings that twinkle like stars in the night sky. If you really want to take it to the next level, then there’s also a transparent thick glass for a brand-new angle.

Photos by Yana Zhak and Anastasia Boloban

5) St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral
This, in fact, might be the pearl of Kyiv selfies. This magnificent church is so attractive that simply passing by and not taking a single picture should be considered a crime. There is something captivating about neo-Gothic style that holds your heart and eyes hostage until you draw out your smartphone and click that photo app.

Photos by Julia Zlynova and Dariya Anisimova

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