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Pivdenniy Bridge

Pivdenniy Bridge

When travelling to Boryspil you will pass Kyiv’s Pivdenniy mist. To many, this is the most beautiful bridge in Kyiv. Its history and innovation are second to none. Built in 1990, it’s eye catching design is often the first thing you notice in photos of the city.

Pivdenniy is the seventh bridge across Dnipro. For the innovative solutions introduced during construction and design, it was considered the most modern in the USSR. The bridge not only created a new highway within the city, but also allowed the Syretsko-Pecherskaya metro line to travel to the left bank, which was a major motivation for its construction. Take a ride and see the views for yourself. 

Pivdenniy  mist has a total length of almost 9 km and includes a number of large structures: a traffic intersection at Vydubychi, an overpass on the right bank, the bridge itself across the Dnipro and approaches on the left bank along with Bazhana street. The main task that was assigned to the South Bridge during its construction was to connect the central part of Kyiv with the growing left-bank districts, as well as create a more convenient highway to the Boryspil airport. It took 7 years to build the bridge, and it cost around 200 million. What is more, the complex of structures of the South Bridge is an integral part of the E40 highway, crucial in connecting Kyiv with eastern Ukraine.  

A little-known fact about Pivdenniy mist is that by initial plans, there was a proposal to have a restaurant on the pylons. 


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