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Kurazh is the Place to Be Yourself

Kurazh is the Place to Be Yourself

What is Kurazh? If you ask this question to one of Kurazh’s residents, you will hear that Kurazh is a place to connect with others, enjoy the moment, and be yourself. Events are not only about entertainment, they are also about being socially responsible and being part of the charity movement in Ukraine. 

Each Kurazh has a unique theme and program. Perhaps one week is a flea market, or a lecture on various topics, a food market, or performances from Ukrainian artists. The August Kurazh, which is scheduled for 15 and 16th, is all about jazz and music, while the September one, scheduled for 12-13 September, is centered on literature and with a large used book market. You’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. 

Kurazh Bazar’s team values each guest and safety is their top priority. They make sure to respect  all the sanitary and social distancing norms. But don’t forget your mask!



VDNG, pavilion 19 (Akademika Hlushkova 1)

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Instagram @kurazh.kyiv


Upcoming events:

Kurazh Not Only Jazz
15 – 16 August 12.00 – 22.00

Facebook Event

Literature Kurazh x Yakaboo
12 – 13 September 

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