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8 Autumn Fashion Trends to Follow

8 Autumn Fashion Trends to Follow

Though it’s still summer on the streets, any self-respecting fashion lover already needs to be aware of the autumn trends. They’ve been unveiled at the latest shows in New York, Milan, London, and Paris, and we’ve chosen the biggest and most exciting for you. A spoiler to begin with: macro trends from previous seasons, like oversize and unisex, are here to stay.

Leather or Leather

This is an old trend with a new twist: we may be used to wearing stylish leather jackets, but add leather dresses, skirts, trousers, and even blouses, as total leather looks are on top this autumn.

Gentle Satin

This feminine trend is on its way back, thanks to the influence of Versace. Slip dresses, blouses, and skirts in trendy pastel hues are suitable for formal events as well as the office.

What about Suits?

It’s all about styling blazers with belts. Some designers, like Prada and Marni, are showing jackets with built-in cinchers. It’s a great way to flatter your waistline, especially when you’re wearing an oversized suit.


A cape is the latest must-have for your wardrobe. Besides, it’ll give you a remarkable silhouette. Especially trendy right now are tweed and leopard print, but a classic cape works for every occasion.

The Puffier the Better

It’s almost as if you got out of bed and forgot you were wrapped in a blanket. Puffer jackets and parkas are still the height of cool; the most prominent feature of this autumn’s puffer style is a quilted texture.

Itty Bitty Bags

They’re almost useless, but so cute: micro bags that can hold nothing except coins. The most popular ones are by Jacquemus. The ridiculousness of this impractical accessory is the whole point.

Floral Goes Gloomy

Forget about your bright summer clothing with colourful flower prints. This autumn, florals are going darker, and flowers on a black background are just the thing.

Plaid Holds Its Ground

The plaid print will probably never go out of fashion, but now it’s hotter than ever.

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