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Mornings at the Museum

Mornings at the Museum

What kind of person gets up early in the morning to go to a museum? It can only be a hardcore museumgoer – or a yoga student.

Spilne Art has recently launched a monthly event at the National Art Museum of Ukraine conducted by yoga teacher Daria Samoilova, whose relaxing sessions are interspersed with moments of meditation. Morning yoga classes have become a regular thing at similar institutions abroad, such as New York’s Brooklyn Museum. But this is the first time that this kind of event has been held in a Kyiv museum.

My fellow students – 30 people in total – included a chef from a healthy restaurant, a TV star, and a glossy magazine journalist. After the class, the yogis had a rare opportunity to view and discuss two paintings from the archival collection, never previously displayed to the public. This was followed by a zen-like tea ceremony and light snacks on the museum’s front steps.

The next instalment of yoga at the museum will take place in August.

Morning at the Museum
National Art Museum of Ukraine (Hrushevskoho 6)
Time TBC
500 UAH
+380 67 217 9662

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