Ukraine is famous for a number of things, revolution being one of them and corruption another. To some degree, that corruption label is still justified. Though those who say “nothing […]

On 21 April, Volodymyr Zelenskiy won an extraordinary victory. He received 73 percent of the votes against 24 percent for incumbent president Petro Poroshenko. He won in every single region […]

As usual, Vladimir Putin is looking at the next ways in which he can destablise Ukraine. In recent weeks, Russia launched a trial balloon to test what might be the […]

Sadly, Ukraine has said goodbye to one outstanding Ambassador and will soon be bidding farewell to another. The top diplomats representing the US and the UK in Ukraine have both […]

No! Not the Party of Regions! Fortunately, they’re a thing of the past! Quick little fact snippet… Lviv’s airport saw a massive 51.9% jump in passenger traffic in the first […]

The end of WWII came about on 8 May 1945. As the Germans signed the Instrument of Surrender late in the day, already past midnight in Moscow, the Soviet Un-ion […]

What does your id say about you? What does it represent? To Ukraine, it is the (re)shaping of its identity in a way that is authentic to the country it […]

The country is in a frenzy. In a word – elections You’ve probably noticed that it’s election season in Ukraine. Maybe your Facebook feed is inundated with clever attack ads. […]

This year, Ukrainians won’t see a Ukrainian belting out another entrancing Eurovision hymn. No catchy tribal hit to Wild Dances this year. And no babushka in drag ready to take Europe by storm. No, Ukraine will […]

Ukraine’s reform pro-cess is in a precarious state: the reformers are under constant attack from those who would wish the old (deeply corrupt and very profitable) system to remain in place. […]

While Ukraine has never led the polls in democratic process, the country isn’t hard up for contenders, with an incredible and record number 44 people registered for the position of […]

IN MCDONALD’S WE TRUST “Golden Arches” may not be a household name here in Ukraine, regardless, it’s one handle for McDon-ald’s known the world over. Why you ask? Notice the […]

In February, the State Ballet of Georgia will tantalise. Czech-born Jiří Kylián’s three one-act ballets – Sechs Tänze, Petite Mort, and Falling Angels – will feature on Kyiv stages The Black […]

Ukraine received visa-free access to another 14 countries over the past year, boosting it three spots on the Henley Passport Index. Ranked 41 out of 128 countries, Ukraine now has […]

There was simply no better fighter in the world in 2018 than Ukraine’s Olympic champion Oleksandr Usyk. ‘The Cat’ became the undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world – the first […]